@Discohook Utils brings to life some of the more popular feature requests that I see on the Discohook server, and has an enhancement or two on top of @Discobot (notably viewing webhook URLs in-server).


You can append different types of buttons to webhook messages with the /buttons command or the "Add Button" message command (demo).

Buttons you add will stay even after you edit the message in Discohook.

Why is this in Discohook Utils?

It is not possible to send webhook messages with buttons unless the webhook was created by an application (not a human). Further, that application must be able to listen and respond to interaction events appropriately. Discohook Utils voids this hassle for you.


You can say hello/goodbye to people joining/leaving your server using messages designed in Discohook with the /welcomer command.

Why is this in Discohook Utils?

Webhooks cannot listen to any events (member join/leave) on their own, and Discobot does not implement this.


You can automatically publish webhook messages in announcement channels with /autopublish.

Why is this in Discohook Utils?

One fewer button to press when sending announcements with webhooks.


You can manage your server's webhooks with /webhook. This is mainly useful for its autocomplete choices.

Why is this in Discohook Utils?

Discobot requires the ability to DM you to show webhook URLs. Because Discohook Utils is interaction-based, it can show webhook URLs privately without sending a DM.

Guilded Webhooks

You can re-send any webhook message to a Guilded webhook using /guilded.

Why is this in Discohook Utils?

A handful of people have requested Guilded webhook support in Discohook.